About us

Tekstil Vlakno d.o.o. is a company which gathers and distributes worn ad nonessential clothes and similar pieces in hefty bulk in Croatia and other expanding countries. By doing so for profit and non-profit corporations, the opportunities for people to get employed in Croatia and beyond opens up, as well as helps regional society and economies in developing countries. It also makes a huge impact on our own countrys image in becoming a more ecologically involved in making it more environment-friendly.

Established in 2011 with its headquarters stationed in Podstrana, Croatia, it's main goal is to equip stores, charities and institutions Tekstil Vlakno d.o.o. with various neat, well preserved and clean used clothing and accesories, as well as working with local and global distributors of secondhand communities.

With time we have increased our services to a larger used clothing distributor whose purpose is still to do its best for its customers as well as suppliers. This process has allowed us to improve and therefore grant you the best quality premium used clothing.

We offer new and used clothes which are gently used and in very good shape to countries in expansion. Since we put a lot of effort and commitment into scheduling shippings and pickups we are able to supply you with the best possible customer service.

When you deal with Tekstil Vlakno d.o.o., you’ll get the benefit of a team that is fully devoted to the success and profitability of your business.

Why Choose Us?

We provide you with unprecented range of quality clothins included in the offer, which makes us one of the Croatia's leading companies in recycling textile and providing that kind of service. If you recycle undesireable clothing just today, you can make an important change for the benefit of the world, and best believe that when you need clothes for your shops, Tekstil Vlakno d.o.o. has whatever you need for affordable prices. We offer all kinds of clothing, both for adults and children, and without a doubt one of the best services and items you can rarely find somewhere else. If you work with us, you get the best.
We make sure all of our clients are represented and understood so we provide our customers with Russian, English, German and Hungarian customer services internationally.
Tekstil vlakno
Tekstil vlakno d.o.o.
Address: Kralja Zvonimira 49, Podstrana, Croatia
VAT ID: 82120395750
E-mail: info@second-hand-clothing.com
Phone: +385 91 320 5555